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Muhammad Ali and more Note: Ashe retired in 1980, five years after winning Wimbledon, after having heart surgery. He contracted AIDS via a blood transfusion during a quadruple bypass in 1983. Quote: "(AIDS) is a burden, all right. but being Black is the greatest burden I've had to bear. No question about it. Race has always been my biggest burden. Having to live as a minority in America. Even now it continues to feel like an extra weight tied around me. Race is for me a more onerous burden than AIDS." 19) Inverting The Pyramid by Jonathan Wilson First published 2008 Anthony says: Football tactics will never be boring again after Wilson rescued them from the clutches of self important, snobbish dullards. Note: Wilson is editor of the literary football magazine The Blizzard Quote: "(This book) is not about players, or at least not just about players; it is about shape and about space, about the intelligent deployment of players, and their movement within that deployment." Anyone but England: Cricket and the National Malaise Mike MarquseeFirst published 1994 Anthony says: An uncompromising, but nuanced, socialist critique of English cricket in the spirit of George Orwell's great essays on sport. Note: American born Marqusee was an organiser of the February 2003 march against the Iraq War, which attracted between 750,000 2,000,000 protestors to central London. Quote: "For many in English cricket, there was something right and just about the world of white South Africa, a world where people knew their places, where white skin brought comforts and privileges which only considerable wealth could purchase in England's dog eat dog world. Here was a hierarchical, leisured society like the long vanished England embodied in cricket's traditions."First published 2000 Anthony says: For all those offended by this cruel spectacle, please look away now but a beautifully written and evocative account. Note: A novelist and creative writing teacher, Dundee born Alison Louis Kennedy is also a stand up comedian. Quote: "The corrida is not, accurately speaking, a bullfight, although this is the standard English term for cheap Leafs jerseys china No man, as has often been noted, can actually fight half a ton or so of bull. What happens in the ring is more complicated, repellent, fascinating, grotesque, sacramental, ugly, ritualistic, haphazard, sacred and blasphemous than any fight." First published 2001 Anthony says: Brilliant book. Total football, Dutch national consciousness, Jews and Johann Cryuff what's not to like? Note: Ruud van Nistelrooy has named Brilliant Orange as his favourite book of all time. Quote: "The current generation of Dutch footballers are polite, intelligent, modest, ironic, 'ideal sons in law'. They aspire to being great artists. Yet the genuinely greatest Dutch football artists the stars of the Total Football era in the 1970s had a very different agenda. They werewere Leafs jerseys china only trying to win. They could play rough and hard and they attacked relentlessly because it was the best way to dominate and overwhelm, not simply because it was beautiful. They saw themselves not as artists but as winners." First published 1975 Anthony says: A charming account of a village club's triumph against very long odds without resorting to the old clichs. Note: Sold only 2,214 copies on initial release, but has become a cult classic. Quote: "This isn't the OfficialOfficial Leafs jerseys cheap History. It is only a rough sketch for it. The Official History will be much longer, every detail will be double checked to makemake cheap authentic Leafs jerseys sure it is the unvarnished truth, bad taste will be expunged, its Style is going to have more quality. It also will cost more. But this will do nicely if all you want to know was what happened. And what happened happened because three well, maybe four remarkable men happened to be in the same spot at the same time. Just pure chance! Which, when you come to think about, is why most unusual things happen. It boils down to this wholesale cheap Leafs jerseys china THEY WERE THERE."
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